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The term "Professional Quality" is a type of characteristics to be rarely found in the field of ceramic tiles. We used to apply more ordinary term in order to, let’s say, describe the drilling tools. We all know that a simple drill means a tool for private use, we buy it to take it home; while there are so many types of drills intended for professional use by the builders. However, this term, i.e. “professional quality”, can be applied to the ceramic tiles as well. Ceramic tiles of “amateur” range are designed exclusively for finishing the private housing, while the professionally-made products have no limitations in their fields of application. Professionally-made tiles comply with the increased requirements for water absorption, stain resistance, resistance to scratches, their surface design would not deteriorate in places with high foot traffic. Such products are available in various sizes, surface treatment types, so that to match any unique interior design. We offer you the catalogue with the products of “Professional Quality” range.