About company

Technical porcelain  «CF Systems" is produced in Balabanovo, Kaluga Region near Moscow. This is the most modern production of porcelain tiles in Russia. In contrast to all the existing post-Soviet space factories that were designed about 15 years ago, this production was built using all the most modern porcelain production technologies. That is why it provided for the release of porcelain tiles in all sizes, ranging from 1200h1200mm and less. Applied technology allows us to offer innovative products to the market for the prices of traditional counterparts. The competitive advantage of the enterprise is the presence of its own production of decorative elements.

The company's products is the development of the product line of porcelain tile TM "Ural granite", which is produced in Snezhinsk in the LLC "MCS".

Undoubtedly, «CF Systems" makes a significant step forward of all domestic ceramic industry and opens new opportunities for the professionals of the construction industry.